A Wild Night Out @ De Nieuwe Anita


✚ On the 15th of July at ‘De Nieuwe Anita’ will be a night filled with craziness and non-stop hitz ✚

✚ A night not meant for the mass, but for the curious, the ones who like to be suprised and are open for ‘A Wild Night Out!’ ✚

✚ Come drink&dance with us and be amazed with the program we have in store for you ✚


⚡ Der Einzelgangers (live) ⚡
⚡ DJ Elroy Van Der Ley ⚡
⚡ A Bizzare Performance by The one and only Le Directeur⚡
⚡ Crazy Circus by The Legendary Jef Andrea ⚡

✚ and we have some Finger-Lickin’ Good Fajita’s to go with all the wildness! ✚

✶ All this for only €5,- !! Can we get a “Hell yeah!” ✶


Date: Friday 15/07/16
Doors Open: 20:00
Location: De Nieuwe Anita, Boomgaardsstraat 69, 3012 Rotterdam


All Night Long: <a href=”https://www prednisone online.facebook.com/elroyvanderley” target=”_blank”>DJ Elroy Van Der Ley
21:30 – A Bizarre Act By ”Le Directeur”
22:30 – Der Einzelgangers
23:45 – Crazy Circus Act by Jef Andrea


FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/613561728807185/