Life’s a Beach @ Amsterdam Dance Event

Life’s A Beach organised something CRAZZZYYY during the last Amsterdam Dance Event, The Zeedijk has never been the same since. Check out some party pics by # VICE

This included:
~ Obscure Live Music Acts by Life’s a Beach
~ Art Exhibition Curated by Art Full Souls:
* Imke Ligthart (PUP)
* Wolf Aartsen
~ We Are Vintage Exclusive 3=2 deal
~ More vintage treasures by NBHTK, the Oddity shop, LEE emporium and Toinc
~ Zeef Teef screenprinting
~ Flammkuchen by the Vlamboys
~ Drinks by Jack Daniels Honey

Life’s a Beach created  an afternoon and evening of crazy, sleazy delight at the iconic Zeedijk. Stunning theatrical live music acts that will make you never want.. anything else.. anymore..

Expect the unexpected but be sure of loads of spectacle, improvisation, electronic influences, glamrock and.. crowdsurfing! So join in on ADE’s most unique little festival like party at the upcoming Zeedijk.

16:00 – 22:00

Bringst du die tanzbare deutsche beats, ein uber geile und uber tolles electronische und sehr modische band. With hits such as ‘’Berlin, Berlin’’ and ‘’Techno Viking’’

18:45-19:05: Mr SKOLNICK
Provides you with a great portion of funky organ sounds with a dash of trash. Mr. Skolnick will play his evergreens including ‘’The Hoff’’ and ‘’Nana Mouskouri’’

19:30-19:50: ZORO INCA:
Meet the king of impro himself. Building and improvising his songs on the spot he takes us on a vocal trip full of trumpet sounds, thriving beats and soulful vocals, balancing between poppy feelings and freaky vibes.

At 8 pm the circus moves a few meters down the street, to the notorious San Francisco late-night Bar where the party will really go wild:
20:00 – …

20:00 – 20:40 RECTUM RAIDERS
Intergalactic glamrock. BEST.SHOW.EVER

21:00 – 21:20 MR. SKOLNICK


22:15 – 22:45 HET BREIN DAT KWAM UIT DE RUIMTE: (translates to The Brain That Came Out Of Space) here on earth to re-programme innocent brains to party like never before


A special guest appearance by the very talented and also craziest artists of Amsterdam! 23:15 – 24:00 LIFE’S A BEACH ALL START PARTY BANG with Flaming Cactus

For this evening ADE will be remembered, don’t miss out on this one! On October 18th we invite you to come and recover from friday’s crazy party to have a special ADE breakfast at Emporium of Wonders starting from 12 PM . The exhibtion will be there only on friday/saturday/sunday.

 Event Link

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