DJ AXEL joins us at da beach!!!

Absolutely psyched to announce that DJ AXEL has joined our booking roster. Expect to see him soon at a party near you !!!!


DJ AXEL is the musical brain behind Wunterschlaus.

He has already made productions for top artists zoals Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton and Sting. But, due to financial issues, Those productions never saw the light of day. Still, DJ AXEL is a very highly respected artist in the industry.


His main focus now is taking over the world with Wunterschlaus. Only a few people are aware of his truly eclectic skills as a DJ. His style varies from minimal house music, to crazy crazy techno techno beats. Tsss tree, tree tsss, tsss tree, tree tsss.


Click below to get a sneaky taste of what DJ AXEL is all about:



To get AXEL DJ at your party contact